Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Illumination Bar Fix For Sony Xperia U

There has been a problem with the custom roms for Xperia U that some of them (Mostly CM) lack the Illumination Bar Glow... That is the unique feature of Xperia U so how can we ignore it! 
Here this tutorial will show you how to bring back the LED Glow!

1. Download this compressed file - HERE
2. Extract it and place the 3 files on your SD card...
3. Change the system partition to R/W instead of R/O... (see video for help) 
4. Copy the "lights.montblanc.so" file in the directory>> system/lib/hw
5. Change the permissions to -rw-r-r- and reboot.
6. Now install both the apps..
7. Activate illumination bar in the accessibility menu. (if its not showing up in the menu then just ignore)
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NOTE: You will still get just a white color for the theme but you can have different colors for the notifications...