Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Starting a new Series- Best Custom Rom?

Hey guys, this is Dasaviour and today I'm starting a little series...
It's called, Best Custom Rom...
I'll test top 10 Custom Roms currently present on my device in different stages.

This post is about the Custom Roms on the Moto G 2nd Gen,

To make it simple....
There are multiple stages, 10 Roms, elimination on each stage until we reach the best custom rom.

These are pure custom roms, no tweaks or modifications ... No G-Apps installed just the pure roms as provided by the developers...

The 10 custom roms for Moto G 2nd Gen are...

1. CM 12.1
2. AOSP (Android Open Source Project)
3. Carbon Rom
4. AOSPA-L (Paranoid Android- Legacy)
5. SOKP (Sonic Open Kang Project)
6. Own Rom 
7. Ressurection Remix
8. Slim LP 
9. BlissPOP
10. PAC-MAN Rom

And the tests will be as follows...

Test 1-
Benchmarks (Antutu, Linpack and Quadrant)
Test 2-
Multi-Tasking and loading times...
Test 3- 
Test 4-
Battery life