Monday, December 10, 2012

CHAINFIRE 3D (Pro v3.3)

Have a android phone but not happy as it can't play high end games? Try Chainfire 3D.
For phones like Samsung Galaxy Y.
Chainfire 3D is an android application which can make your android phone (which can't support high end games) to support games which have high demands like Gangstar, NOVA, GT Racing, NFS Hot Pursuit, etc.


1) Download this file - Chainfire3d_DASAVIOUR
2) Extract the files named "Chainfire3D.Pro3.3" & "".
3) Install "Chainfire3D.Pro3.3" then "".
4) Place the following in the sd card (no folder)-
5) Open Chainfire 3D.
6) Select "Install plugin/shader" and it'll start scanning for plugins.
7) After scan you will have to install all three plugins.
8 ) Then go back and select "Fix market settings".
9) Go to "Per-app OpenGL settings" and select the game on which you want to try it.
10) Deselect the "Use default settings" and select the settings of your choice.
11) For most games you just need to use the "reduce texture quality" option and "Qualcomm" plugin .
11) Launch the game (it may take two or three tries to launch).
12)[IMP] Enjoy your games..